In 2013, the Stretching Thoughts series started taking shape in drawings and developed into paintings, sculptures and installations that find echoes in different currents of Karam’s work, particularly the Archaic Procession Elements and The Cloud project.

The Stretching Thoughts protagonist is an androgynous figure with a cloud of enquiring thoughts in lieu of a head. The body derives its structural lines from the overlap of Karam’s original 1001 Elements, as if the essence of their diversity has been condensed into the single figure of an everyman. Grounded to its context, the everyman is inherently subject to social, religious and geopolitical confines, while its cloud of entangled thoughts stretch beyond boundaries, liberated by the unhindered potential of its thoughts. While Urban Toys figures create stories inspired from and in dialogue with their context, Stretching Thoughts has a universalist approach, symbolizing the human power to defy limits through imagination and endeavor.