The Shout & Silence body of works emerged from Karam’s sketchbooks in 2015 as beings carrying raw emotions in abstract form. For Karam, they express what he was seeing everywhere around him in the Middle East; the fight for power, the sadness of war; its devastating effects and the mass migrations.

For Karam, Shout is “a scream that comes from the depth of being”. Its vast funnel-like body is the metaphor of an infinite, deafening noise emerging from an orifice. Karam positioned two Shouts facing each other and called them Le Dialogue des Sourds (the dialogue of the deaf). The space between them generates tension, extreme enough to “trap an entire population between the reverberation of their echoes”.

Silence is “the accumulation of years and years of Shout lost to oblivion”. Its inverted teardrop- like shape is hermetically closed, with no possible escape for emotions. Two of the works in the series are Sublime Silence, a meditation in silence, and Heavy Silence, bowed down by the weight of its compressed emotions.

Shout and Silence are polarizations and reflections of each other, but ultimately, for Karam, they are a fiercely optimistic expression of the human will to be.