Trio Elephants consists of 3 sculptures representing a family of elephants created by Nadim Karam for the Lovers’ Park in Yerevan, Armenia.
Made of perforated corten steel sheets, the sculptures increase in height from 0.90m to 1.47m to 2.70 m.
The surfaces combine shapes of the 1001 elements of Karam’s lexigram, suggesting that the elephants carry memories within. The installation thus invites the strollers of the Lover’s Park to weave their own stories, while playing hide and seek with the elephants that seem to disappear and reappear in the park.
The corten colour integrates the sculptures furthermore to their natural surroundings, reinforcing the element of surprise.


Grand-parent: 300cm x 425cm x 32cm;
Parent: 147cm x 208cm x 16cm;
Child: 70cm x 92cm x 10cm