This 1991 painting was part of Karam’s Carrier series exhibited in Tokyo. The Carrier theme features a single protagonist, always seen from the back, walking forwards and carrying his memories, his fears, technology, the tree of life…In this particular work, however, the artist borrows the Carrier for a parallel project that he was working on for the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (IMA). The project (called La Lumière de Ténèbres, or The Boy who dreamt of Flying) comprised of an installation and performance, and the issue was to transport a giraffe from Tokyo to Paris to participate in the performance. In this painting, it is the shadow of the Carrier transporting the shadow of a giraffe over the night-lights of Paris towards IMA. Karam’s IMA project was never realized, but it spawned a full body of research, models, paintings and sketches.