Nadim Karam’s Stretching Thoughts, Standing and Seated were taken out of their crates from The Jing An Sculpture Park, Shanghai, in which they were installed as part of the Shanghai JISP Biennale and were mounted in the UWC Atlantic College in Wales.
Stretching Thoughts, Seated and Standing, are part of a series of sculptures exploring the human mind and its spread of ideas and its creative energy.

The sculptures were re-baptized Shepherd and Thinker respectively: Shepherd stands amongst the sheep by the Atlantic coastline, and Thinker in the meadows near student dormitories.

In a school where students from all over the world are challenged to ‘stretch’ their thoughts and go beyond the perceived limits in all ways possible, these sculptures acts as catalyzers of the power of endeavor and imaginative thought.
The installation of the sculptures in the grounds of UWC Atlantic College was celebrated by Alumni and staff On June 10, 2016.


United World College, Wales, United Kingdom