Boghossian Foundation commissioned Nadim Karam to do a work for Villa Empain, based on its vision and mission; being a centre of art and dialogue between cultures of the East and the West.

When we refer to East and West today, these denominations often bring to mind a sense of tension between two geographical zones, as well as distinct identities and contradicting articulations of worldviews. They have been used over a span of centuries with different interpretations and with ever-changing borders depending on the criteria of a given context. For Nadim Karam, the underlying problem is due to a cross-cultural miscommunication between East and West, and also within each of the two divides.

These two stainless steel sculptures aim to map out the dynamics of communication between East and West by considering the unclear boundaries between the two cultural hemispheres. Having the same circular line contour drawn on their surface- with perforated memories growing on either side of the borders, one from the middle and one from the outside- they complement each other like puzzle pieces when reflecting each other. Standing face to face, the two circular surfaces remind us of a historical dialogue that intersects in many places and yet that contains breaches and gaps. The other side of each of the sculptures is fully perforated by an array of 1cm circular wholes that follow attractor poles to allow the light to seep in, giving better visibility of the patterns.

Spaces In-Between offers spectators the chance to imagine and retrace the fluctuations of socio-cultural and geographical borders. If one stands in the middle, the reflection of either would make a completely patterned surface that is fully perforated with memories.