Politics of Dialogue: The Merry-Go-Round addresses the theme Time, Space and Existence by considering the paradox of effective communication in an era marked by hyperconnectivity.

It is translated into a carousel game, where viewers are invited to come and watch a performance of “politics of dialogue” as they would a scene from a contemporary play. The installation consists of humanoid figures convening for the purpose of dialogue on an elevated rotating circular platform. Their intensive exchange takes place while they rise and descend in turn, restricted to the structure of a merry-go-round and dislocated from their surroundings. The rough texture of the gold-painted resin paste emphasizes the rupture with the space of dialogue, reinforcing the idea that we tend to sacralize instead of question power dynamics. The mechanical spin is a manifestation of the struggle over the different concepts of politics and perspectives on finding frameworks for our existence.

From the early works on the Age of Anxiety, through the Archaic Procession until the more recent Shout and Silence series, Karam has used absurdity as a tool for addressing contemporary realities and reflecting upon the multilayered complexities of our societies. For Politics of Dialogue: The Merry-Go-Round, he questions our notions on communication and power.