Karam created this large-scale installation, exhibition and performance in central Tokyo with a large body of works. The central painting, 3.3 meters high and 21 meters wide, gave its title to the exhibition and was also the focus of the performance and installation. Other works on canvas, with titles like ‘The Modern Thinker’, ‘Anxiety and Ascension’ and ‘To be or not to be’ revealed Karam’s exploration on a philosophical level. The central painting depicted a funeral procession, which was, as the title suggests, also a celebration of life. The protagonists were a wise man, a young girl, the deceased person carried in a boat and Hari Krishna inspired-dancers. In the painting, the procession moves from death towards re-birth, culminating with a photo of the port of Tyre, Lebanon. The performance enacted the procession of the painting with the same protagonists and the addition of a live cow led by the wise man. The procession reached a large-scale installation area of re-birth, where the dead person, played by Karam, arose and began dancing.

With this exhibition emerged an artistic expression, philosophical ideas and the symbolic concept of a procession, all of which were to feed into Karam’s later works.


Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan