Visiting the world of the Cloud and its nemesis, War, this exhibition is a testament to the large and diverse body of Cloud artworks generated during the six years after his conception of The Cloud urban project.

Karam explains the Cloud as follows:
Nothing known to us goes beyond the idea of space and time, yet a cloud has no shape and no place, and is not easily measured by time. The cloud is the most apt metaphor I can think of for the concept of paraspace; a spatial presence beyond the recognizable space/time frame.
Like a wishing space that is impossible to reach. A dream-space.

At the entrance is an eponymous installation; a seemingly nonsensical juxtaposition of mundane and incongruous objects in white suspended from the ceiling, creating a cloud-scape. Two freestanding sculptures, The Angels’ Share, a walking feathered ‘cloud’, and Hannibal on an Elephant, a sculpture of the Carthaginian general holding a cloud banner aloft an elephant, occupy the central space. Rain, a 10m long steel work, is a stroll at cloudburst, and the Dream Closets and War Closets introduce us to the flip side of clouds and dreams. The sculpture Mutual Agony and the absurdity of war paintings tell the stories of the human cost in a region caught between forces of destruction.


Ayyam Gallery, Al-Quoz, Dubai