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Address Atelier Hapsitus
Al Mathaf, Corm Str. Khayat Building
Ground floor, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 1 615 374


Curatorial Development Team Maya El Hage
Rhea Dagher
Editor Kaya Mussack
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“Nadim Karam invents stories that are a healthy attack on the pomposity of our cities and our institutions. But he is well-organized, and, in the end, quite tough.”
Peter Cook
“Reading the series of messages in his works we are given afresh feedback on today’s urban society, and we are assigned with a mission.”
Riichi Miyaki
“Nadim Karam’s work is spaceless and timeless. It is forever a childhood dream weaving a net of urban toys which celebrate freedom from contingencies, blind nationalisms and… war.”
Robert Saliba