A.MUSE.UM space was conceived and designed by Nadim Karam and Atelier Hapsitus, the pluri-disciplinary group he founded in 1996, as an inverted landscape: a space for Karam to reflect, create and experiment. On the hillside above the atelier is Karam’s own family residence, restored by Hapsitus with minimal acupunctural interventions. Paying homage to the traditional Lebanese stone house above and immersed within the village, A.MUSE.UM re-interprets traditional landscape while creating a new contemporary platform.

A.MUSE.UM was initiated several years ago and has undergone a number of alterations until it reached its ultimate concept and actual character, i.e.: a generator of thoughts as well as a receptacle of the artist’s mindscapes. It is the starting point of an intended dialogue between art, architecture, thought processes and contexts of creation.