Wheels of Innovation, 2017

Nissan Headquarters, Japan, Tokyo

Stretching Thoughts, 2016

United World College, Wales, United Kingdom

Wishing Flower, 2014

Zaha Hadid's D'Leedon, Singapore

Stretching Thoughts, 2014

Jing An Sculpture Park, Shanghai, China

Trio Elephants, 2012

IMA, Paris, France

Miu, 2011

Chatsworth, Derbyshire, UK

Genius of the Desert, 2011

Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait

The Dialogue Of The Hills (unrealized)

Amman, Jordan

Desert Sand, 2009

Chatsworth, Derbyshire, UK

The Transients, 2007

Al Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

The Travelers, 2006

Victoria State, Melbourne, Australia

Notting Hill Stories, 2003

Notting Hill Gate, London, UK

The 101 Forest Sprites, 2001

Mile End Park, London, UK

Nakameguro, 2000-2001

Central Tokyo, Japan

The Archaic Procession, 1997-2000

Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon

T-Race’s PCB-137, 1997

Manes Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

The Carrier, 1995

National Museum of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

T-Race’s BSC-4971, 1994

Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon

Mutual Agony, 2013

Corten steel - 300x310x80cm

Phoenician, 2004

Wood & Treated lead parchment - 59.7x110x11cm

Mop Head, 2011

Lacquered buttons - 37x60x8cm

La Bella, 2000

Wood & Treated lead parchment - 59.7x110x11cm

Flower Couple, 2004

Wood & Treated lead parchment - 68.7x108.8x11cm

Complicity, 2011

Lacquered buttons - 67x90x11cm

Amber, 2013

Mother of pearl buttons - 50x80x12cm