Stretching Thoughts, 2016

At the Stretching Thoughts exhibition, Karam presents us with both inspiring and troubling metaphors for the human mind. Dominating the entrance space is the massive Neglected Thoughts, an accumulation [...]

99 Objects possible to find on a Cloud, 2013

Visiting the world of the Cloud and its nemesis, War, this exhibition is a testament to the large and diverse body of Cloud artworks generated during the six years [...]

Celebration of Life: The Funeral, 1987

Karam created this large-scale installation, exhibition and performance in central Tokyo with a large body of works. The central painting, 3.3 meters high and 21 meters wide, gave its [...]

T-Race’s BSC – 4971

In post-war Beirut, Nadim Karam's fifteen sculptures invaded the building of Sursock Museum, walking through its courtyard and climbing its façade. Paintings and installations animated the museum inside. The [...]